Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process

To be read in conjunction with the terms of your agreement with Aspire, the following steps outline the process to be taken in the event you have a complaint about our conduct or require resolution of a dispute with us.

Step 1 with the Subject ‘’Dispute Resolution’, with sufficient detail outlining your grievance (and the factual background) along with your desired resolution.

Step 2

Aspire will respond to your complaint within seven days.  The response will either be a preliminary response to your complaint with Aspire’s position or else a request for further information and detail if it is required for Aspire to properly consider your complain.

Step 3

In order to ensure we have sufficient time to consider and properly respond to your complaint, we require that you provide either your secondary response or any extra information/details requested within 14 days of receiving Aspire’s response in Step 2.

Step 4

Once we receive your response in Step 3, we will, within 30 days from that date, provide a full and final response and recommended resolution.

Step 5

Following the above, if the matter is not resolved within 90 days of the initial complaint being made to us in Step 1, you are entitled to request that the Department of Social Services attempts to deal with the complaint on your behalf in order to find a resolution.