CEO Sleepout Raises more than $550,000.00 in Queensland

On July 16 2011, more than 120 CEOs in Queensland spent the night sleeping on the concrete floor of Suncorp Piazza in Southbank. This effort attracted more than 3,400 donors who generously gave more than $553,000 towards the cause. Nationally more than $3.8 Million was raised!

CEO Sleepout.png
 Aspire MD Luke Forman prepares for long night ahead

From a personal perspective, it was an eye opening experience. Even though I was well prepared for a cold winter's night (with three layers of clothing and a sleeping bag), I was not prepared for how uncomfortable it would be sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the concrete floor! Every time I needed to change position of my sleep, it became a slow process of getting back to sleep due to the hard floor beneath me.

The result of this incredibly broken sleep was to "wake up tired" and it was a struggle to be effective the following day. I can see how a viscous cycle might develop for those not fortunate enough to have a bed to sleep in each night.

A huge thanks goes to all those people who donated in support of my efforts, $940 was raised and this is very much appreciated.

Author: Luke Forman