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Cash Flow Protection Plan

If you own an investment property in South East Queensland and would like to find out if it qualifies for our Cash Flow Protection Plan with guaranteed rent, no property management fees and no NRAS fees simply:

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Aspire has a rare opportunity to provide a very limited number of investors with guaranteed rent for up to 4 years, with no property management fees, vacancies, or bad tenant costs for their investment property. Aspire Housing Group are Government Approved Participants in the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and for investors with eligible properties, we are seeking to maximise your returns by up to $5,000 per year.
If your property qualifies, Aspire will become your ideal tenant and lease the property off you at full market rent, indexed to rental inflation each year and take care of the day-to-day management so you can enjoy superior returns and complete peace-of-mind. The Aspire Cash Flow Protection Plan ensures you will receive the rent in full each month – never late and never short, no matter what.

More Money, Less Risk and Less Hassle.

No Property Management Fees
You won’t be charged a cent for management fees or any other agency fees such as monthly admin fees
No Letting or Renewal Fees
You won’t be charged a cent for letting or renewal fees
No Advertising Fees
You won’t be charged a cent for advertising costs
No Vacancies
Even if the property is vacant, you still get paid full market rent
No Arrears
Even if the tenant falls behind in their rent, you still get full market rent
No Bad Tenant Costs
Even if the tenant leaves behind a bill in excess of their bond, Aspire will pay your insurance excess (up to $500)
Guaranteed payment for water usage
Even if the tenant doesn’t pay their water usage costs on time, you will get the full amount reimbursed the following month.

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