Tenant Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us


 Kept up to date regularly, good communication.  

Tenant - Darren - May 2023

 Lovely lady, very helpful and friendly.  

Prospective Tenant - Natalie - May 2023

 I found the person on the phone to be very professional and really helpful.  

Tenant - Joe - May 2023

 Chloe answered all of my questions she was courteous and as I explained Wayne's issues she advised that she would keep an eye out for somewhere else should he need it.  

Tenant - Diane - May 2023

 Very quick, informative and helpful, not to mention the kindness.  

Prospective Tenant - Nathan - May 2023

 Helpful and friendly advice. Thanks Chloe.  

Tenant - Nicole - May 2023

 Very pleasant lady I spoke to and she was polite and helpful  

Marion - April 2023

 Chloe was very helpful on the phone with instructions on further information required for my rental application. Took her time with me and very friendly. She has a lovely manner about her and able to answer questions clearly and with courtesy. Shelley also was very welcoming at the property I viewed yesterday. Very helpful and professional team looking to help others with finding suitable homes. Would definitely recommend this real estate to others in the community.  

Prospective Tenant - Dana - April 2023

 Fast to answer  

Tenant - Michael - April 2023


Tenant - April 2023

 I was directed to the right person to contact.  

Merran - April 2023

 Chloe was very polite, helpful and offered to transfer my application to another property. Shelley too has been helpful with inspections.  

Prospective Tenant - Dana - April 2023

 Emily on the phone was so understanding and knowledgeable and most of all friendly.  

Tenant - Analiza - April 2023

 Karen is a pleasure to deal with. Friendly and professional service  

Tenant - Tammy - April 2023

 Shelley was extremely friendly and approachable. Very helpful!  

Tenant - Bryson - April 2023

 Great service as always  

Tenant - Tammy - April 2023

 Appreciate the super quick response to email on my enquiry :)  

Prospective Tenant - Nikki - April 2023

 Always a pleasure to deal with  

Tenant - Tammy - March 2023

 Lovely to deal with  

Tenant - Tammy - March 2023

 My concern was actioned and the staff are incredibly helpful. Chloe reassured me, I was crying and stressed to lose my rental coz of how hard to find a lease at the moment and the rent is increasing, so I was so happy to all staff the support I received today.  

Tenant - Karen - March 2023

 Monique and her team are awesome. Nothing is too much trouble. They are always willing to help with everything.  

Tenant - Danny - March 2023

 So sorry to be losing you as our agent, you were by far the best we have dealt with  

Tenant - Julie-Ann - March 2023

 Very easy platform to use. Not confusing, loaded properly.  

Prospective Tenant - Samantha - March 2023

 Excellent service - very professional  

Tenant - Jackie - March 2023

 Karen. firm but fair.  

Tenant - Shabadoo - March 2023

 Karen always treats me respectfully, as a person not a nuisance tenant while still ensuring owners rights are fully adhered to. She also is prompt and communicative.  

Tenant - Rose - March 2023

 The team has amazing communication and is very punctual. Never had to wait more than 24hrs for a reply despite me working nightshift and having unique sleep times. Special mention to Karen she was an excellent property manager and very professional and understanding at all times. Will be recommending to friends and family because of this great experience.  

Tenant - Luther - March 2023

 Emily is professional, helpful and always friendly. A pleasure to deal with.  

Tenant - Tammy - March 2023

 Monique is always professional while being kind. I'd like to note that as I have cancer and mental disabilities I sometimes cannot be the easiest to deal with but Monique treats me like a human. I can only hope more people like her exist in the world.  

Tenant - Tony - March 2023

 Fast friendly service  

Tenant - Tammy - March 2023

 Karen is all ways helpful with things I need help with and a very wonderful person to deal with   

Tenant - Daniel - March 2023

 Very helpful and patient.  

Tenant - Michael - March 2023

 Very friendly, easy to talk to and professional.  

Prospective Tenant - Paul - March 2023

 Always nice.  

Tenant - Joey - February 2023

 Friendly and efficient  

Tenant - Jules - February 2023

 Chloe was extremely friendly and really listened to what I was saying. Chloe heard and acknowledged what I was saying which validated my feelings and made me feel like I can say anything.  

Prospective Tenant - Ricky - February 2023

 Karen is always prompt and polite in her interactions.  

Tenant - Rose - February 2023

 Thanks Emily was very helpful  

Tenant - February 2023

 Chloe has been so helpful with the application process, she really has been amazing.  

Prospective Tenant - Olivia - February 2023

 Wonderful service. Willing to help when I needed  

Tenant - Sarah - February 2023

 They were so helpful with every rent inspection and went out of there way to help you. I would recommend going through this real estate. Better than other real estate companies.  

Tenant - Crystal - February 2023

 Staff are very helpful  

Prospective Tenant - Catherine - February 2023

 Karen has been great. Always acted on my queries, maintenance required. Has made my first time renting easy.  

Tenant - Aleesha - February 2023

 Very helpful  

Tenant - Peter - February 2023

 Fast friendly efficient service.  

Tenant - Tammy - January 2023

 Very personalised friendly caring service. Always nice to speak to the team at Aspire Housing Group. Thank you so much for looking after us.  

Tenant - Rebecca - January 2023

 Perfect friendly service every time. Always very helpful with any questions or concerns. 100% will rent again through Aspire.  

Tenant - Michael - January 2023

 Excellent communication and correct information given  

Prospective Tenant - Colin - January 2023

 Thank you Karen for your prompt response as always.  

Tenant - Michele - January 2023

 Marissa was more than helpful with my enquiry.  

Tenant - Sharon - January 2023