Tenant Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us


 Found the property manager very helpful and polite, nothing was a problem for Marissa. I found Marissa very efficient and a pleasure to talk to.  

Tenant - Karen - March 2024

 Very thorough in doing back ground checks. Friendly and listen to you.  

Tenant - Janice - March 2024

 Excellent customer service thanks to an awesome team.  

Tenant - Paul & Sue - Match 2024

 Prompt and clear communication from Marissa.  

Tenant - Alison - March 2024

 The agent was very professional and personable. She was very helpful. The house was open and ready for viewing.  

Prospective Tenant - Barbara - March 2023

 Prompt service to my question via email. We would love to come and inspect at Palmview.  

Prospective Tenant - Lyn & Barry - March 2024

 Chloe was very helpful and prompt with my request.  

Tenant - Robbie - March 2024

 After the long haul of application process, the girls came through with fast response, satisfying feedback and overall admirable interaction.  

Tenant - Ken - March 2024

 I had called multiple services to inquire about housing and not one could give me the time of day. Calling Aspire made me feel more confident about my situation and in moving forward to get stable accommodation. Would happily refer anyone in need that is eligible for their services.  

Prospective Tenant - Jenaya - February 2024

 Kind and helpful staff!  

Tenant - Ingrid - February 2024

 Chloe was most helpful, obliging and answered my issue.  

Tenant - Ken - February 2024

 Chloe is so helpful and understanding. She makes me comfortable in my inquiry. Thank you.  

Tenant - Analiza - February 2024

 My enquiry was attended to promptly.  

Tenant - J Daniels - January 2024

 Excellent communication through the whole process.  

Tenant - Ebony - January 2024

 Marissa is amazingly helpful, easy to deal with and very patience.  

Tenant - Helen - January 2024

 Everything I have raised has been dealt with promptly  

Tenant - Christina - January 2024

 Absolutely quick response and matter sorted  

Tenant - Judy - January 2024

 Really good customer service, I was having trouble uploading an extra document for my rental application, I contacted the Application team via email and Chloe emailed me back within 5 mins and sorted the problem out.  

Tenant - Janet - December 2023

 Emily is always helpful, warm and efficient. Thank you Emily.  

Tenant - Alison - December 2023

 Very helpful  

Tenant - Suzette - November 2023

 Very quick response and very helpful  

Tenant - Christina - November 2023

 Great and responsive service. Very efficient.  

Potential Tenant - Rebecca - November 2023

 Amazing quick response. Very straight forward instructions. Very easy to follow. Positive approach to helping potential applicants  

Tenant - Shelby - November 2023

 Looking for a place to live and I was very grateful with a response at short notice  

Prospective Tenant - Andrew - October 2023

 The request was very easy to understand and it was easy enough to upload the documents - Application Process  

Prospective Tenant - Susan - October 2023

 Chloe was very fast and kind. Lovely approach  

Prospective Tenant - Chloe - October 2023

 I spoke with Chloe, who was patient, kind and understanding. She also was proactive in problem-solving. It was an absolute pleasure discussing my needs.  

Tenant - Lily - October 2023

 Chloe and the whole team at Aspire Housing Group are so amazing, always going above and beyond. Chloe is so friendly, caring and so easy to talk to. Best real estate ever!  

Tenant - Katie - October 2023

 The staff are so helpful and friendly, and answered all of my questions confidently, and I look forward to becoming a tennant and dealing with them further. By far the best real estate team I have ever spoken to in my 18years of renting in Queensland! I will be doing a 5 star google review too!  

Tenant - Katie - October 2023

 Professional and nice on the phone easy to talk to. Great service.  

Tenant - Dayne - October 2023

 Five Star Service  

Tenant - Ayeisha - October 2023

 Very efficient and friendly  

Tenant - Judy - October 2023

 I had a special request regarding the unit inspection and Amy Russo was very supportive and accommodating. I was very grateful.  

Tenant - Valerie - October 2023

 Prompt service on arrival at inspection date, Karen Neale was happy to answer questions and the property was in a great condition  

Tenant - Isacc - October 2023

 I found Marissa to be very prompt with the issue I had and dealt with the situation professionally.  

Tenant - Samantha - September 2023

 Always a quick response  

Prospective Tenant - Kelly - September 2023

 From start to finish, everything with Aspire Housing Group has been pleasant, quick and easy. Many thanks.  

Tenant - Rozlyn - September 2023

 Process was very smooth and easy.  

Tenant - Maria - September 2023

 Very happy with Aspire’s service and their prompt communication levels. Excellent company to rent through.  

Tenant - Paula - September 2023

 The person who took my call was so helpful and friendly and was able to advise me of my next steps  

Tenant - Christine - September 2023

 Emily has been very helpful I’m pretty hopeless at computers but Emily sorted it out I’m very grateful to her  

Prospective Tenant - Denise - September 2023

 Been trying very hard for rental advice is very good  

Prospective Tenant - Denise - September 2023

 Lady was friendly and so helpful and answered my inquiry. So nice of her.  

Tenant - Analiza - August 2023

 Got back to me promptly and always answer my questions  

Tenant - August 2023

 Great communication between myself and agent. Easy process at applying. Also they have very friendly staff.  

Tenant - Toby - August 2023

 Very lovely and helpful call  

Prospective Tenant - Charli-Ella - August 2023

 Excellent customer service  

Tenant - Paul & Susan - August 2023

 I really appreciate your service, so quick and keeping me up to date with timely updates. Appreciate year team effort and quality customer service. Feels like someone is there to listen and care us.  

Tenant - Upas - August 2023

 Monique called back in a timely manner, and answered all our questions, very bright and happy.  

Tenant - Alan - August 2023

 Very friendly, informative and helpful.  

Tenant - Mary Ann - August 2023