Tenant Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us


 Marissa is the most delightful person I dealt with from Aspire Housing Group.  

Tenant - Manon - January 2022

 Sue and the team at Aspire have been absolutely outstanding and very professional with everything we needed.  

Tenant- Brett, January 2022

 Aspire have been so accommodating and helpful while we are looking for a place to live, all staff we have spoken to have been so lovely and kind !  

Tenant- Kayleigh-Anne, January 2022

 The property manager Suzanne and also Aspire group Chloe are really very helpful. They care about the tenants and are very professional to. They always get back to me quickly even when they're very busy, also it is really easy to talk to them as they are  down-to-earth and friendly. The whole company deserves credit, I'm lucky to have Aspire group to help me with my housing.   

Joe, Tenant- November 2021

 Excellent service Tahlia!  

Tenants- Paul and Susan-October 2021

 Always friendly and understanding, great to deal with.  

Tenant- Joshua October 2021

 Excellent Real Estate to go through.   

Tenant- Sheeree- October 2021

 The current times with the housing crisis have been exceptionally stressful and I called Aspire Housing Group today and was lucky enough to speak with Claire who was extremely helpful, exceptionally understanding and very pleasant to speak with.  

Ellinja- Tenant, September 2021

 I have just finished up leasing with Aspire Housing Group after 3 years. My property manager Karen has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and has made renting with Aspire a breeze. Would highly recommend them  

Tenant- Ebony- September 2021

 Aspire housing group are fantastic at what they do. Communication is 5 stars. The whole team are always great to speak to and follow through with any questions I may have. Property Manager Suzanne Bay is always pleasant and helpful with any queries I have had.  

Tenant- Tracy- August 2021

 The owner of the property we were renting changed real estates to Aspire at the end of our tenancy. We had the pleasure of having Sue take over the property management and she helped make the exiting process for us easy and stress free.   

Tenant- Anthony- August 2021

 The girls at aspire are lovely to talk to I was so overwhelmed by the amount of attendance of people looking for housing at a place in Gladstone but the girl today gave me hope and made my day sometimes it’s the little things we say that helps. Thank you for your compassion.   

Tenant- Meredith August 2021

 So easy to deal with and respond to queries almost instantly. Very friendly team  

Tenant- Mellissa- July 2021

 I found your staff member (Tahlia Maguire) -very calm, patient and most helpful.  

Tenant- Diane- July 2021

 You guys instantly replied the next business day. Advised me to submit an application as soon as possible to be considered Thank you  

Tenant- Nickolas- July 2021

 Thanks for your prompt friendly reply Sue.  

Tenant- Tracy- July 2021

 Always fantastic service  

Tenant Karen- July 2021

 Website very easy to use and follow. Responded to queries ASAP. Very friendly service.  

Tenant- Melissa July 2021

 Super quick exit process. Trayc made it super easy and positive yet again.  

Tenant- Anita July 2021

 Even though I came out swinging, your representative Karen was gracious enough to overlook my frustration and the matter was settled amicably.    

Tenant Hamish July 2021

 Very satisfied.   

Tenant Anitha July 2021

 Amy is always pleasant and efficient and a dream to work with. Nothing is ever an issue.   

Contractor- Jason July 2021

 Awesome customer service  

Tenant Rosemary May 2021

 fast service  

Tenant Victoria May 2021

 Cause I have always communicated well with everyone and always updated on any information I was needed to be informed of.  

Tenant Anthony May 2021

 Trayc and Tahlia have been tremendous is working with us to secure the property and the paperwork and helping with our queries. Thanks Team!  

Tenant Lois and Tim May 2021

 The Staff are so friendly and so competent that you can rely on them and not feel anxious about anything. Well done keep up the good work Tahlia and Gail.  

Tenant Anne May 2021

 Always in contact and updates really quickly  

Tenant Colletta May 2021

 Very satisfied with the response  

Tenant Anitha May 2021

 very happy with the help received to fill forms for the property we applied for.  

Tenant Lois May 2021

 Izabella is awesome!  

Tenant Russell May 2021

  We are not too confident with computers, so with help from Tahlia and the team we feel more confident to proceed forward. Thank you so much.  

Future Tenant Lois May 2021

 Great service   

Future Tenant Tamara May 2021

 I have found all of my interactions to always be very friendly, prompt and helpful.  

Future Tenant Jodie April 2021

 Trayc has always been happy to help us any time we needed it. We had to move recently and the girls made the transition as easy as it could be. The whole team are very approachable. I would highly recommend their services.  

Tenant Laine April 2021

 I gave this rating because Chloe who I deal with is always so accommodating and is a very pleasant person. She gets things done quickly.    

Tenant Hamish Tate April 2021

 We have always received courteous and professional service.  

Tenant Maree M April 2021

 Staff are always helpful and prompt  

Tenant- Kerri G April- 2021

 Happy with the outcome :)  

Tenant- Chantel April- 2021

 Got things sorted out some what. But all is good.  

Tenant- Chantel April- 2021

 Truly appreciated Aspire and their work for assisting us find homes. Good homes. Lots of emails and follow ups. Hope my tenancy goes as smoothly.  

Tenant- Victoria April- 2021

 Sam Bird , has been very halpful  

Tenant- Cate March- 2021

 Awesome service very understanding and fast to act  

Tenant- Robert Y April- 2021

 I always receive support from the girls when needed  

Tenant- Louise T April- 2021

 thank you very much Suzan and the aspire group for helping me obtain a property. Looking forward to seeing you today  

Tenant- Joseph Q April- 2021

 Sam is always professional and accomodating with tenants needs. V happy with our rental manager.  

Tenant- Carmela April- 2021

 For keeping an eye out for a suitable rental for me. Truly superb  

Tenant- Victoria April- 2021

 Friendly and very helpful.  

Tenant- Vivian B April- 2021

 Absolutely fantastic service.  

Tenant- Shaun H April- 2021

 I have been struggling to find a place to call home for quite some time now and your team has made it so easy for me to apply and they are so quick to respond to any emails or inquiries. Very pleased with your staffs service. Very kind aswell.  

Tenant- Latisha S March- 2021