Tenant Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us


 I gave this rating because Chloe who I deal with is always so accommodating and is a very pleasant person. She gets things done quickly.    

Tenant Hamish Tate April 2021

 We have always received courteous and professional service.  

Tenant Maree M April 2021

 Staff are always helpful and prompt  

Tenant- Kerri G April- 2021

 Happy with the outcome :)  

Tenant- Chantel April- 2021

 Got things sorted out some what. But all is good.  

Tenant- Chantel April- 2021

 Truly appreciated Aspire and their work for assisting us find homes. Good homes. Lots of emails and follow ups. Hope my tenancy goes as smoothly.  

Tenant- Victoria April- 2021

 Sam Bird , has been very halpful  

Tenant- Cate March- 2021

 Awesome service very understanding and fast to act  

Tenant- Robert Y April- 2021

 I always receive support from the girls when needed  

Tenant- Louise T April- 2021

 thank you very much Suzan and the aspire group for helping me obtain a property. Looking forward to seeing you today  

Tenant- Joseph Q April- 2021

 Sam is always professional and accomodating with tenants needs. V happy with our rental manager.  

Tenant- Carmela April- 2021

 For keeping an eye out for a suitable rental for me. Truly superb  

Tenant- Victoria April- 2021

 Friendly and very helpful.  

Tenant- Vivian B April- 2021

 Absolutely fantastic service.  

Tenant- Shaun H April- 2021

 I have been struggling to find a place to call home for quite some time now and your team has made it so easy for me to apply and they are so quick to respond to any emails or inquiries. Very pleased with your staffs service. Very kind aswell.  

Tenant- Latisha S March- 2021

 After not being accepted for a property, Samantha Bird was kind enough to use my application for a similar property... which I am now shortlisted for.  

Tenant- Jacinta G March- 2021

 Good communication with customer.  

Tenant- Analiza B March- 2021

 Yeah service is great always have advised me and kept me up to date  

Prospective Tenant- Marc H March- 2021

 The property concierge always has a smile and is so easy to work with.  

Tenant- Roman March- 2021

 She was extremely helpful when I spoke on the phone and through proving support and information for of the questions I had.  

Tenant- Tracey C March- 2021

 Quick and easy  

Tenant - Colina S March- 2021

 Great service, easy to contact and do there best  

Tenant- Hayden C March- 2021

 4 for prompt answers but 1 star off cause we still can't finalise application ...yet. thank you.  

Tenant- Helen M March-2021

 Wonderful kind service  

Tenant- Xanthe March-2021

 Everyone I have dealt with at Aspire are very pleasant and extremely helpful. Thankyou Aspire  

Tenant- Debra P March- 2021

 Very friendly and helpful!  

Tenant- Edwina March- 2021

 Your rental service is efficient,friendly & reliable.Rental prices are set on valuations of local area and the staff are friendly to deal with.  

Tenant- James H March- 2021

 Amazing prompt and swift service  

Tenant- Kylie March- 2021

 Prompt action  

Tenant- Shane March- 2021

 It has been a pleasure working with Izabella and her understanding of my condition.  

Tenant- Shane March- 2021

 I am grateful to Izabella for going the extra mile and understanding that people with PTSD need to be treated with sensitivity. We didn't ask for this illness and people need understand.  

Tenant- Shane T March- 2021

 Fast response time from my email  

Prospective Tenant- Yvette March- 2021

 Very fast & efficient service  

Prospective Tenant- Yvette March- 2021

 So easy  

Tenant- Jodi March- 2021

 Thank you for getting back to me straight away and being reliable  

Prospective Tenant- Jennifer B March- 2021

 I have been in regular communication with Izabella regarding a property my wife and I would like to rent. Izabella has been very helpful and patient with my many questions and emails whilst providing the information and answers to our queries.  

Prospective Tenant - Colin G March- 2021

 Very helpful and fast with reply  

Tenant- Bethany T Feb- 2021

 I both called and emailed and received quick and well mannered, kind responses. The application process has also been very easy.  

Prospective Tenant - Dante Feb 2021

 Every time I have any correspondence with Chloe she is exceptional, kind and understanding  

Tenant- Katie Feb- 2021

 Gave 5 stars because Sam bird is a fantastic person to deal with.  

Tenant- Lilyana Feb 2021

 I gave this rating for the prompt response I received back to my email enquiry yesterday.  

Tenant- Karen Feb-2021

 Izabella is fantastic and helpful to deal with.  

Tenant- Brendan M Feb-2021

 they just got the work done and in a timely manor  

Tenant- Suzie C Jan- 2021

 Jacqui was friendly and welcoming. It was a bit awkward with the tenant there but she made everyone feel as comfortable as possible.  

Tenant- Paul Fleming Jan- 2021

 prompt responses to emails from Monique.  

Tenant- Paul Fleming Feb- 2021

 She was professional in her work and got me into my own unit that I can now call home.  

Tenant- Tyson Feb- 2021

 Outstanding. Complimented Susan Johnston at the viewing for her courtesy shown to all. Including her empathy and listening. Spoke to all with professionalism. Whether I have my application approved or not I can still only say what a great role model for other managers.  

Tenant- David K Feb- 2021

 Sam is thoughtful, prompt, budget conscious and proactive. Particularly about the way she dealt with this tenant vacating. She saved me time and money. Thanks Sam.  

Tenant- Lisa Feb-2021

 The service and process is excellent and stress free  

Tenant- Karen Feb- 2021

 Continued Service  

Tenant- Yale Feb- 2021