Rental Arrears

Landlords appreciate that from time to time, things get tough, and life situations change and money becomes tight. Even the best tenants can find themselves in this trap. Like tenants, Landlords also experience the challenges of everyday life. Because of this, we at Aspire have a Zero Tolerance policy with rental arrears.

If you have received an email or message and recently paid your rent please email advising with a copy of your receipt.

Please note that if you pay your rent after 4pm on Friday we will not receive this payment until Tuesday morning due to banking timelines. If this is a recurring issue please try and pay a small amount extra to alleviate this issue.

If you are wanting to discuss payment plan options please email to discuss your options.

If you are having issues financially there are places that may be able to assist. A few are mentioned below.

If you are wanting any further facts regarding this procedure and process please visit the below links for further details.