Testimonial - Tenant - Sonya - December 2022

I am providing this review for Emily reception/admin assistant who on 23/11 assisted me on the phone regarding a breach noticed issued by sms that I didn’t know what for. Not only was she pleasant to speak to on the phone she was very respectful completely different to the person I had spoke to just a day earlier. She didn’t stop at letting me know that it had been forwarded for investigation and someone would be in touch she also said she would see if she could see what was going which by this stage I thought I had figured out. She was able to confirm that yes the issue and due date had recorded incorrectly in the system as the same date hence the out of the blue breach notice sms, and that yes there was 2 invoices issued on the same day for different usage dates so they were 2 separate bills. She advised she would adjust the due date to the correct one on the invoice and put a note on the file which I appreciated.
I do wish to add one extra point to this as I feel the person who I spoke to the day before may have felt I was overreacting but less than 24hrs before we had a very similar message from a service we use only with a link that was a scam and it was only through phoning the company directly we could confirm this and were told a few things to watch for including suspicious activity on accounts and sms’s hence my urgency in needing to know what was happening.
Thank you Emily for your excellent customer service and help it was very much appreciated on the day.
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